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Augmented Reality Company

AR-Buddy is an augmented reality product of the company VISUALIMPRESSION. We promise the customer to find the most effective and convincing way from his idea to the concept to the finished product presentation. We provide professional, technical and content-related advice for every step of the app development based on our long experience (15 years) and creativity. VISUALIMPRESSION stands for high technical specialization and creative empathy to guarantee the most effective, cost-effective and impressive development of your products and presentations.

The Augmented Reality company AR-Buddy

Augmented Reality enables the user to bring 3D products into their real environment. Wir möchten dabei helfen die menschlichen Möglichkeiten und die Wahrnehmung zu erweitern. Augemented Reality ist das ideale Mittel um frei begehbare Welten zu gestalten in denen der Kunde wirklichkeitsnah interagieren kann. Unsere Berufung ist es Menschen zum staunen zu bringen indem wir emotionale Lichtstimmungen, überzeugende VR Illustrationen und Expereances schaffe.   Der Schwerpunkt liegt in der Projektentwicklung von technischer 3D Visualisierung und vor allem in der Erstellung von Game Prototypen zur interaktiven Begehung und zu Schulungszwecken für die HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality und Oculus Gear VR. psychological effect The customer can only really imagine his idea when we depict it for him. Only in this way can an idea become a concept and a product. We strengthen the imagination of the customer. Virtual reality concretizes the imagination even more intensively through high immersion. It can be compared with the fact that a conscious writing down of e.g. a text causes a higher learning effect.

Our customers in marketing and industry

Our clients come from the marketing departments of trade fair and event organizers, museums, real estate companies, architectural offices, advertising agencies and industrial companies (automobile manufacturers, mechanical engineering, chemicals). Added Value The customer receives technically competent and individual advice at every stage of the project, from project development to the cost-benefit optimized end product. Added Value We always develop hand in hand with the customer and are only satisfied with the product when it fulfils the exact purpose that the customer wants to present. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. User promise The user promise is and remains basically that we will always find the perfect way and the perfect tool for the perfect presentation of the product to the customer.  

Our Vision

A new development came with the Augmented Reality technology. AR-Buddy enables you to interact with digital products in the real world. Our vision is to create socially/economically beneficial content and concepts with the help of a broad network of professionals from film, design, architecture, psychology and industry to stimulate a positive approach to the new AR & VR medium.

Our Team

Stefan Haberkorn

Stefan Haberkorn

Managing Director

Nikita Siemens

Nikita Siemens

Chief Developer

René Bergholz

René Bergholz


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