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Use our shop for your own app. Configure your package for real added value and special applications in sales, training, production and product presentation.

Leasing app and technology in the Augmented Reality Shop

We offer the practical and cost-effective leasing of the AR-Buddy App and a tablet device. We will be happy to advise you on leasing.

1. basic package for 249,00 € / month with a term of 24 months
2. premium package for 459,00 € / month with a duration of 24 months
3. individual package for 669,00 € / month with a duration of 24 months

What you See is what you Get.

Together with you we realize Augmented Reality ideas and solutions for your company. Virtual Reality Apps in highest quality are also possible on request. Please ask without obligation.

Planning & Simulation

We give you the opportunity to guide customers and investors through your industrial plant or industrial processes. Optimize your planning and increase your marketing effect.

Training and education

Whether training for on-site use, training for data conversion or for setting up the App. Your sales will increase through the use of the completely new interactive AR technology, especially from anywhere in the world.

Trade fair appearances & Events

We would be pleased to support your products at trade fairs and events in an impressive way. Use the packages in the Augmented Reality Shop for your conception up to data preparation and technical training for your employees.

Marketing & Advertising

Achieve a unique selling proposition with virtual or augmented reality in the areas of maintenance, training, production and brand presentation.

Augmented Reality HMD

Save costs in your work processes and marketing. When using data glasses & live assistants, the customer not only has his hands free but also gets additional information which he can call up interactively.

Maintenance & Service

Augmented Reality now makes it possible to display and explain maintenance in the simplest possible way using a smartphone, tablet or data glasses. The individual package in the Augmented Reality Shop contains interactive solutions for every application.

CAD data, scanning and 3D models - available anytime and anywhere

Besides the use in production environments, AR-Buddy can also be used in science and education.

With AR-Buddy it is possible to store your CAD data in an online database. These are edited and integrated into the AR-Buddy App. Additional information can be blended directly into your data after consultation.


We will gladly answer all your questions about the Augmented Reality Shop!

How does the data preparation work?

AR-BUDDY allows you to interact with digital products in the real world. CAD models from prototyping and high-resolution scanning data are optimized for mobile devices and websites. Due to the limited internet speed and slow mobile graphics performance of smartphones and tablets, normal CAD 3D models cannot be rendered smoothly. Therefore the models have to be scaled down automatically and optimized if necessary. For the import of additional information, the flying apart of components and interactive product explanations, extended objects have to be coordinated with the customer in addition to the existing 3D model and integrated into the app.

What are the applications of AR-BUDDY?

AR-BUDDY's areas of application are diverse and are constantly being expanded. AR-BUDDY is used, for example, in the distribution of products and services. There, the functions and appearance of the product can be demonstrated to the customer directly and within easy reach without actually having the device on site. Even in normal smartphones you can already find possibilities of extended reality. For example, the camera can be used to focus on a building and the user receives information on height, construction time and history. A sustainable field of application for Augmented Reality is emmersive marketing. Individual car manufacturers and real estate agents are already using the technology today to provide potential customers with additional information about their product range.

Which Augmented Reality technologies are available in the shop?

The market for AR applications is on the move. With the help of AR and VR glasses, headsets and smartphones, the real and virtual worlds are merging. With VR Daydream View, Google is focusing on a headset for the smartphone that enables the display of VR content. The Magic Leap AR glasses do not require a mobile device at all. They receive digital data from a powerful mobile smartphone without cables and display the AR content on the lenses. With the Hololens mixed-reality glasses, the software company Microsoft is also using technology that does not require a PC. This has the advantage that users can move freely in their environment and access the digital content. The best-known example of augmented reality is the smartphone game "Pokémon Go". As soon as the AR mode is activated in the app, a virtual monster appears in the normal image, which the camera depicts live in the environment.

What can AR-Buddy Augmented Reality do?

Augmented reality is the extended reality. Here, computer objects are inserted into the unmodified representation of reality. Unlike Virtual Reality VR, AR does not create a complete world. Augmented Reality is a projection into the user's environment, similar to a hologram. The content shown by the AR device (e.g. smartphone) is recognized and utilized without time delay. The computer-generated objects are then adapted to the received data. This is done in 3D. The viewer gets the impression that the virtual objects actually exist in the real world, regardless of their location. Immersion is not part of augmented reality. The user is not supposed to immerse into a virtual world, but to see and explore a real world provided with additional information.

What are the advantages of using AR-BUDDY?

The main advantage of AR-BUDDY is the integration of virtual objects into the real world. Brands and products can be emotionally charged with the help of our technology, which has a positive effect on the customer's buying decision. With AR campaigns companies can create a positive brand image. During this process, users are automatically invited to interact. By using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, products are remembered longer by the representatives of the target group, while at the same time the recognition value increases. Via end devices such as smartphones, notebooks or tablets, users receive additional information and can virtually explore new products.

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

Although augmented and virtual reality are often mentioned in the same breath, there is a big difference. Virtual Reality is a world generated entirely by a computer or smartphone, which can be entered virtually, detached from the real world. Users who move in Virtual Reality are hermetically sealed off from the real environment. In augmented reality, a mixed state is created. Reality remains present in the user's perception, but is supplemented by digital, computer-generated objects. The smartphone learning game "ARBody" is a classic example of Augmented Reality. When the app is launched, a human body with all its organs and the skeleton are projected into a real environment, which are then enriched with additional information by means of the smartphone camera.

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premium trainings

Through targeted employee training all functions of AR-Buddy can be used more efficiently to create more convincing marketing presentations.

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