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Augmented Reality Industry

A wide range of applications require innovative technical solutions. For this reason we rely on specially developed 3D software in the industrial sector as well as on a variety of high-end head mounted displays HMD's and the latest smartphone and tablet technologies.

Augmented Reality programming for industrial processes and plants

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Internet of Things - these are the buzzwords that move the economy. We are talking about the fourth industrial revolution. What is meant is the intelligent networking of all components involved. Hardware, software and IT in industry are growing ever faster and closer together. The availability of ever greater computer capacities, whether local or through cloud infrastructures, creates completely new possibilities and drives digitization forward. Cloud computing and Big Data make it possible to store and process huge data sets and draw logical conclusions from them. Use AR-Buddy to map your data directly in the industry process.

Upgrades for existing plants

The next development step is the use of Augmented Reality in an already existing plant. The introduction of information into automated and networked production helps to optimize processes. Live text information and CAD models are displayed in the camera view. The application purposes range from information about the immediate environment, navigation superimposed in the field of view to electronic installations, industrial components, building services and technical products.

Augmented Reality in industrial maintenance and repair

Short machine downtimes due to fast maintenance and repair are crucial for companies. Complex systems and repairs require highly qualified employees and quickly available data. Augmented Reality shows the technician the necessary tools and maintenance procedures in the working environment, e.g. on the display of a tablet. Whereas in the past, employees had to rely on many years of experience, they can now work more effectively on the production plant.


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