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Where is AR-Buddy used?

Augmented Reality from Magdeburg


Verwenden Sie den Raum des Kunden, denn die Tablet-Kamera bringt Ihre Produkt an den gewünschten Platz. Positionieren Sie Möbel, Sportgeräte oder elektrische Geräte auf dem Boden oder an der Wand.

Mechanical Engineering

Use your digitized 3D vehicles, machines and tools in your own website or app. Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Industry | Simulation

Evaluate new machine parts and functional sequences directly on the real plant. New products and industrial plants can be virtually integrated into existing systems in an industrial context.

Kultur | Frachtschiff

Vision für den Domfelsen im Magdeburger Kulturhauptstadtjahr 2025. Die Bühne für die freie Kunst- und Kulturszene.

Medicine | Healthcare

 Testen Sie die Funktionalität von medizinischen Geräten in Klinken, Praxen und Krankenhäusern. Verwenden Sie anatomische Modelle um Patienten und Personal zu informieren.


Augmented Reality revolutionizes educational content sustainably. The use of spatial teaching content is the ideal tool for education in schools and universities.


AR-Buddy is your helper for the practical use, because the automatic camera recognition of the environment allows a positioning of 3D vehicle models on a scale of 1:1. even complex configurations of paint adjustments, animations and electronic fittings can easily be made directly on the car.

historical buildings and exhibitions in the virtual museum

Show your visitors exhibitions interactively and directly on the user's smartphone. By directly overlaying the live environment with a 3D model, figures and objects can be shown more easily and barrier-free as you move through the digital museum. Augmented Reality, but also Virtual Reality brings historical buildings, exhibits and educational content to tablets and smartphones. The mobile phone camera places the virtual object on all surfaces in real space.

AR-Buddy - Augmented Reality from Magdeburg

The AR-Buddy App is the perfect augmented reality solution for marketing, industry and education. AR-Buddy helps to bring your products into the environment of the customer.
Bringen Sie die Web, Android und iOS App mit Ihrem Smartphone, Tablet und Desktop. Die Augmented Reality App wird in Magdeburg von VISUALIMPRESSION produziert.

3D products and
scan data as WebApp in the browser

Augmented Reality on your website

iOS App development with the latest features through ARKit and depth camera.

Augementd Reality on your iOS smartphone and tablet

Android app development with ARCore with a large number of end devices.

Augementd Reality on your iOS smartphone and tablet

Service 4.0
Marketing 4.0
Configuration 4.0

The customer is king 4.0

What is Augmented Reality AR-Buddy?

Augmented Reality the hologram for your data

Virtual products and CAD data can be placed on the floor, walls and ceiling using the smartphone camera. The 3D models are positioned in the correct scale. AR-Buddy digitizes and scans your products automatically for mobile devices

Augmented Reality from Magdeburg

AR-Buddy is a product of the VISUALIMPRESSION group from Magdeburg. AR-Buddy is the Augmented Reality App for Android and iOS, where real and virtual world mix together. Use our professional data workflow.

Augmented Reality helps in marketing and education

By further processing your CAD models and scanning data, the user can interactively get to know and understand the product. The persuasive power of the presentation is unique. Bring your marketing and sales to a new digital level.


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